GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- The name is unforgettable in Minnesota.

Bert Blyleven, the Twins Hall of Fame pitcher.

But, tonight, Bert's son - Todd Blyleven - can't forget the horror he saw in Las Vegas..

"All of a sudden you start hearing kind of a 'pop pop pop' noise, three consecutive, and then an additional 'pop pop pop,'" said 45-year-old Todd Blyleven, who was born in Minnesota but now lives in Texas.

The stage went black. Screams.

Todd and his wife, Cathie, hit the ground.

Seconds later, they got up and sprinted toward an exit.

They could see people who had been shot, but they were safe.

And, then...

"I stopped and told my brother-in-law he needs to take care of my wife. And I told my wife, 'I'll be fine,' and I said 'I gotta go back in,'" said Blyleven.

Todd ran back in, toward the gunshots.

"We were running in just trying to take whoever got shot out," said Blyleven. "We were putting injured in a wheelbarrow because there were no paramedics, there weren't any gurneys."

For 15 minutes, the gunshots kept going.

And, so did Todd.

Back and forth, at least 10 times, helping about 30 to 40 people get out safely. Except, not everyone.

"There was a young female on the ground bleeding from the upper torso and we lifted her up and carried her out, but she was just lifeless … and I don't think she made it," said Blyleven.

Blyleven says he just moved to Texas from California less than two months ago. Monday, he was traveling home to see his two kids. We asked him, why risk it all?

"If there's something I could've done and walked away, I couldn't live with myself," said Blyleven.