BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - The recently closed 400 Bar announced it will reopen at the Mall of America in June 2014 and will include a pub, restaurant and music museum. The iconic West Bank venue was a staple in the local music scene where bands like Prince, Bob Dylan and The Replacements often played.

The 25,000 square foot venue will be located on the fourth floor of the mall and the performance space will be able to accommodate a one thousand person audience.

The venue will book bands across multiple genres including rock, blues and country, similar to the original 400 Bar.

"Our goal is to provide a unique music experience to everyone that visits," 400 Bar business partner Joe O'Brien stated in a news release. "Tourists and locals alike will have the opportunity of experiencing educational programs and live entertainment in a fun, family friendly environment."

In addition to a music venue and restaurant, the space will also house a music-themed exhibit called the Midwest Music Museum. The museum will partner with arts and music organizations and include traveling and permanent exhibits devoted to the history of popular music and its impact on society.

News of the reopening of the venue sparked immediate reaction on social media, Twitter in particular. Local Twitter users began tweeting band names inspired by stores in the Mall of America by using the hashtag #400BarAtTheMall. The hashtag spread enough for it to become a trending topic.

Here are some tweets posted by local users:

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