MINNEAPOLIS – The story of the green girl from Oz -- before she turned "Wicked" -- is back at the Orpheum Theatre. 

"Wicked" first debuted on Broadway in 2003 but has remained a hugely popular fan favorite ever since. 

The show, which tells the prequel tale of the witches from the "Wizard of Oz," explores the line between good and evil -- and how misconceptions can distract from one's true intentions.

Before a girl in gingham ever appears in the Land of Oz, we meet two aspiring witches that couldn't be more opposite. The first, a beautiful blonde with an oh-so-perky attitude who's used to getting her share of attention. And the second, an emerald-skinned girl who's often forgotten and used to being noticed for all the wrong reasons.

But after first impressions fade and the two classmates are forced to room together, the relationship between Elphaba and Galinda -- or Glinda (depending on when you met her) -- blossoms into an unlikely friendship, before each is pigeon-holed into their respective "wicked" and "good" titles. 

The touring production opened Thursday in Minneapolis, with Jessica Vosk as our queen in green and Ginna Claire Mason as Miss Glinda. Vosk's vocal performance when paired with her sarcastic, sassy demeanor and passion for protection is nothing short of stellar. Paired with Mason's bubbly (in more ways than one) personality and kind heart, if not always of the purest intention, is a match made in heaven. 

KARE 11’s Bryan Piatt and Alicia Lewis went to check out the show on Thursday and gave us their review on KARE 11 Sunrise.

Alicia, who had never seen the show, but was a huge fan of the "Wizard of Oz," said she loved it. She said the music gave her chills and that it was the best live theatrical performance she’s seen thus far. Alicia gives the show five out of five popcorn kernels.

Bryan, who’s seen the show a few times, says it was wonderful, again. He says the "Defying Gravity" scene at the end of act one is his favorite. He also gave the show five popcorn kernels.

"Wicked" runs through May 14 at the Orpheum in Minneapolis. For tickets or more information, click here

A lottery system is in place for the show. A limited number of $25 orchestra seats will be available for each performance. To enter the drawing, you must show up at the Orpheum Theatre two and a half hours before each performance. There’s a limit of two tickets per person. Lottery participants must have a valid photo ID.