MINNEAPOLIS - Comedian and co-creator of The Daily Show Lizz Winstead is performing two shows this week at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis.

The show, "Lizz 2013: The Windbags Beneath My Wings" annual Hilarious Year in Review, will be hled on Saturday, Dec. 28 and Tuesday, Dec. 31.

Five years ago, Lizz Winstead started an amazing Twin Cities tradition of doing a New Years Eve Show that takes all the insanity of the year and presents it in an incredible multi-media trip down memory lane.

The show became so popular that she expanded it to multiple nights. In keeping with her love of an intimate setting, Winstead has moved this year's tribute shows to the Cedar Cultural Center.

Winstead had barely enough time to mourn the fact that Michele "The satirists meal ticket" Bachmann was leaving Congress when BOOM! Insanity's fluffer, Ted "Carnival" Cruz, stepped up to fill the void. As Winstead says, "When the comedy Gods close a door, they always open a window."

For ticket information, go to www.thecedar.org/about/tickets.