FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. - Any knitters visiting the state fair will definitely want to stop by The Great Minnesota Knit Together.

Dubbed the Biggest Yarnbomb in Minnesota, the grandstand ramp has been loaded with crocheted and knitted decorations, and fairgoers are stopping to take plenty of photos.

"Knitteapolis," who calls herself Minnesota's yarnbomber, is responsible for organizing the unconventional art, but she's not the only one who made it.

The creations are from Midwest Machine Knitters’ Collaborative, Minnesota Knitters’ Guild, Crochet Twin Cities, and Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities, along with many other knitters who sent in their pieces from around the country.

It's the first year this display has come to the fair.

"It's a soft, cozy, eco-friendly form of street art," Knitteapolis says.

She says she hopes it makes everyone smile.

"I got to get really silly with it," she says. "I actually had a woman come up to me and she asked me if a child designed it and I said, 'No, it's just me!'"