MINNEAPOLIS - Described as a one night creative explosion, on Saturday, June 14th, tens of thousands of people are expected to gather along the Minneapolis riverfront and throughout the city to explore giant video projections, play in temporary installations in the streets, and enjoy experimental performances in green spaces and under bridges.

From dusk to dawn the city surprises you: friendly crowds, glowing groups of cyclists, an unexpected path through the urban landscape, the magic of sunrise after a night of amazing art and experiences.

Northern Spark is the one-night arts event that happens annually the 2nd Saturday in June in the Twin Cities.

Northern Spark is presented by Northern Lights.mn, a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to transform our sense of what's possible in public space.

Northern Spark is one night, but Northern Lights.mn shines throughout the year with projects such as Creative City Challenge for the Minneapolis Convention Center, The Giant Sing-A-Long at the Minnesota State Fair, and permanent, interactive public art for Saint Paul's Union Depot.

Website: http://northernspark.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NorthernSparkMN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Northern_Spark