RED WING, Minn. - They showed up to hear Peter Frampton's greatest hits, but instead, a crowd at Treasure Island Casino was apparently treated to one of the legendary guitar player's greatest fits.

Fits ... as in hissy.

A minor Twitter storm documents what appears to be a tantrum by Frampton, who warmed up for The Steve Miller Band at the casino Sunday night. Concert goers say the trouble started when a cameraman focused on a fan holding up a Frampton Comes Alive albums instead of Frampton himself as he played an extended solo.

A fan named Jeffrey Borg tweeted that Frampton became angry, eventually trying to wrestle the camera out of the cameraman's hands. Borg said that Frampton then stormed off stage, returning only after the video system had been turned off.

A number of paying customers posted on Twitter and Facebook, chiding the '70s and '80s star for his churlish behavior.

Treasure Island Public Relations Manager Kevin Smith said the incident did not shorten the set in any way.

"He goes off stage, we talked to him backstage, and he didn’t want the video boards on, so we turned them off," he said. "It was an interesting few minutes ... and the show went on."

Smith said Frampton came back out and played three more songs -- adding an extra one at the end.

"He's a pro, no question about it," he said. "He came out and did a great job, and we went on to Steve Miller."

Smith said he doesn't know why Frampton responded the way he did.

"It kind of is what it is," he said. "It's rock and roll, man."