MINNEAPOLIS - “RENT” opened on Broadway on April 29, 1996. Critics once called the musical ‘disruptive’, but also ‘groundbreaking’ and ‘revolutionary’.

“So it started a ton of conversations at a young age just about race and sexuality,” explained Danny Harris Kornfeld, who plays Mark Cohen.

Twenty-one years later, the plot about young artists trying to survive in New York’s East Village – some living with HIV and AIDS, remains relevant and prolific.

“Those kinds of stories were not being told on stage – especially in a music setting,” said Kornfeld.

The show was -- and still is -- successful because it was pioneering.

“People were ready to start talking about it and start those changes,” Kornfeld added.

To this day the show is still significant because it puts the work that has yet to be done on center stage.

“The story that we’re telling is all about love and inclusivity and celebrating our differences and what’s unique about us,” explained Kornfeld.

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