ST. PAUL, Minn. - Oh of all the places you will go, girls’ middle school locker room, what you became today in St. Paul was never something anyone imagined.

At Farnsworth Upper School that locker room became a full blown bike repair shop.

Why, well, last fall Jimmy Shoemaker was at Farnsworth talking to them about the safe routes to school program -- it encourages kids to walk and bike to school to create community.

While he was there a teacher showed him the basement showers in the girls’ locker room – it was filled with broken down bikes.

Jimmy, who is a St. Paul Saint to many, took a look and decided that just would not do.

Jimmy works for Alta Planning and Design and they helped him out with some staff today to come to the school and work on those rides.

Neighbors who knew how to doctor up the broken down jalopies came too as did mechanic from Freewheel bike shop.

But this wasn't just a fix and dip. This is a place of learning after all.

Kids in the 7th and 8th grades came in like apprentices and learned how to fix a flat, doctor the breaks, and any and all other little tools of the trade.


Because those bikes are their bikes now. For more about Safe Routes to School, click here.