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Come on, it’s because that is when the most anti-Jeopardy! contestant ever takes his podium to compete for cash on that very game show.

Austin Rogers is so wrong he's right.

He starts the show with a slow intro mime and he ends it betting the house and winning every time.

He darn well might be making America great again, at least for a half an hour on weekdays.

But to do this story with any credibility, I had to find a student of the game show.

“I love Jeopardy!. It's important to exercise the body and the mind,” friend of Breaking The News and co-host of the Go 96.3 morning show Dana Wessel proclaimed.

Yes, since he was just a pre-pubescent teen, Dana has lived for the likes of trivia heroes staying in the lanes Trebek keeps em in.

“I have watched forever but it's kind of a stuffy show. It’s a kind of thinking man show and I like it that we have that style of play. The guy comes in messes around, has fun, does crazy wagers, makes jokes it just I LOVE THE DUDE!,” Wessel said.

Tune in people. 4:30. Weekdays. KARE 11.

Cause Austin's power doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.