CHANHASSEN, Minn. - This week alone there was a workplace shooting in Orlando, Florida and an attack outside Notre Dame in Paris. It's only Wednesday.

Sadly, these types of attacks are not rare. In fact, they've become so common that a Chanhassen gun club is starting a class called Surviving an Active Shooter.

Randy Ferris has been training businesses how to stay safe for years. Now, he and Stock and Barrel Gun Club are bringing that knowledge to the public.

"Surviving an active shooter (class) really a little bit more than an active shooting. It's any type of mass homicide, whether it be a mass shooting or a bomb or a stabbing. How do you get through that event?"

But don't let the name of the place throw you. This has nothing to do with guns.

"This is not a shooting class," Ferris said. "This is survival and you can implement it wherever you happen to be"

Ferris says it's learning situational awareness, like scoping out a venue for exits. And watching the behavior of people around you--instead of focusing on your phone.

"Once you learn these, these are very easy to make part of your daily life, part of your DNA and hey are not something that's going to take away from your enjoyment of the event."