EXCELSIOR, Minn. - Twenty years ago today, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone hit bookshelves.

People loved it then, people love it now.

Excelsior Bay Books was in its infancy when J.K. Rowling's popular series was published.

"We would order 400 copies and we never send any of them back. We would sell out," said Ellie Temple of Excelsior Bay Books.

Nothing much has changed. People still wait in lines when a new book in the series is released.

For Kyle Barrett, the release of Rowling's Harry Potter series helped him turn the page in life

"Reading was a challenge for me. I feel like I was kind of behind a grade level. Harry Potter was a part of going from not liking reading to thinking it was for girls, to really enjoying it," Barrett said.

He and his wife, Ashley, grew up on Harry Potter.

"I remember staying up late at night. Same CD on repeat over and over again and just reading straight through the books. For hours and hours at a time," he added

He says the series taught him about empathy. That family is paramount. Now, they plan to pass their fascination onto the next generation, their daughter, Charlotte.