MINNEAPOLIS - First-concert-ever bragging rights are a very real thing.

You want to have the coolest story of who you saw play live for the very first time.

The Beatles at the Old Met Stadium in 1965? Top that! Someone will try.

The point is, your first concert memory is one that will last a lifetime, and the question is, how old should you be to make that memory?

Well, a bunch of Minnesota kids will have a pretty cool story to tell someday, because apparently Monday night’s Imagine Dragons concert at Xcel Energy Center was chalk-full of the U-10 crowd.

Elsie Fletcher is one of those kids. She probably had to tell her Pre-K teacher Miss Martin on Tuesday to give her a break. She and daddy were busy rocking out last night.

“Her birthday is tomorrow so it's part of her turning 5 week,” says dad Paul Fletcher.

Yep, that Paul Fletcher. And when your daddy is a radio host for Cities 97, you get to do really cool things.

"They definitely resonate and have a special resonation with me and they just have such a positive message and so I needed to take her to the show,” says Paul.

Side note: Elsie also got to meet Imagine Dragons. Insert sweet "I'm with the band" photo here. But, she wasn't the only itty bitty in the crowd.

Apparently Imagine Dragons is one of those groups that kids just get.

"With a positive message, how good they are, the fact that mom and dad dig ‘em and the kids dig ‘em it's an easy target, it's an easy show to take the kids to."

The question is, what is the right age to take your kiddo to a concert?

Elsie is 5 and Paul is very aware that some parents might have feelings about that.

“I would apply the same rule of taking kids to concerts, that I would apply to any rule of parenting, in that they're your kids and you can make the best decision. You know if your kids are ready or not."

Elsie was ready. She danced right up until the end of the show, and that, says Paul, is the only thing he would have changed for his itty bitty.

“Go on earlier, man,” he says. “If you're going to play in the same arena as Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, and you want to be among the biggest in the world, you’ve got to cater to families a little more. Starting at 9:30 is just a little too late.”

But one late night, he says, is worth the experience and the memories that will last a lifetime.

"I'm carrying her up the stairs and she just turned to me and said, 'Daddy, that was amazing.'”

“I want music and going to shows to be part of her life and something she remembers as far back as she can remember being taken to shows," Fletcher says. "I have that memory of my parents taking me to the state fair to see the Beach Boys."

"I hope it resonates with her and sticks with her forever and it becomes a part of who she is and she passes it on,” says Fletcher.