EDINA, Minn. - The airport. At work. In the car.

Some people can and will take a nap anytime and anywhere. On March 13, napping is encouraged.

National Napping Day provides everyone with the opportunity to have a nap and catch up on the hour of sleep that they lost due to the start of Daylight Savings Time.

Dr. Michael Howell of Fairview Sleep Center in Edina says everyone needs a nap every day.

“Human beings are natural nappers. If given the opportunity, usually in the afternoon, we would take a nap," Howell said.

Can you get good at napping? Howell says yes.

“Napping takes practice. Just like exercise. Just like learning to have a good healthy diet. The trick is to recognize when is the best time a day for you to take a nap. Try to be as consistent with that as possible. Avoid caffeine in advance and then find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes.”

Ideally, if you get good at napping, you can manage a power nap averaging 10-15 minutes.

“If you go much longer than that, your brain is going to go deep asleep and it is going to be more difficult to wake up,” he said.

Howell said if you secure a good nap in the afternoon, you might only need about seven hours of sleep at night. He said adults need 8 - 8.5 hours of sleep per 24-hour period.

“Sleep is incredibly important for our body and mental health. The people who are the greatest athletes and best musicians know that,“ he said. “They are putting an emphasis on sleep and so should we.”