GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The pictures coming from Hurricane Harvey are astonishing. But some of the images, shared by reputable news sources, have turned out to be fake.

Let's start with that shark photo ... you know, the one where the shark appears to be swimming on a Houston highway?

Abby Ohlheiser at The Washington Post snooped around to get to the bottom of it all.

The shark – swimming in the highway is FAKE.

It was fake when it was shared during Hurricane Matthew. Then during Hurricane Sandy. And first with Hurricane Irene in Puerto Rico.

The shark is real -- it was captured by biologist Michael Scholl and published in Africa Geographic in 2003. Someone added a little color duping and there you have it.

Another one going around shows planes submerged at an airport, supposedly Houston's airport. Nope. This is a rendering of La Guardia Airport from the site Climate Central – envisioning what 25 feet of sea level rise would look like.

Submerged airplanes? FAKE

A photo of a family escaping flood waters in a fridge – is from Houston, as shot by our sister station KHOU. Only one problem, it's from a 2016 flood. So it's misrepresented.

Family in fridge photo? Real but not in 2017.

Obama is not serving meals in Texas -- moving on.

What about the photo of a little guy – in a shot shared by Katie Couric? This photo is also from the Houston area but it was captured by a sheriff's deputy in April. Not during Harvey. Couric later acknowledges she may have been punked.

There are, however, two photos that seem too bananas to be fake – but are actually REAL.

This shot -- went viral immediately – to the cynicism of some. Eight seniors and a cat, looking kind of chill, hip-deep in flood water?

But it's verified real.

It was first tweeted by Timothy McIntosh – whose mother-in-law owns the La Vita Bella senior facility in Dickinson, Texas. According to the New York Times, the Galveston County commissioner said they were already working on a rescue plan for the seniors – before the photo went viral.

And finally – the dog – fleeing the flood with his own bag of dog food. Come on, really?

Yup, this one's confirmed, too.

The dog – Otis – a 6-year-oldish German Shepherd mix – busted through his owner's screen and likely picked up the food at the local hardware store, according to The Washington Post. The women who took the photo said she followed Otis back to his house, where he dropped the bag of food, and laid on the porch.