Social media was designed to connect us.

Admit it, most of us use it to put our best foot forward, to show the life we want you to see.

Never the lives we lead, right?


At least until this week.

#MeToo was a game changer.

Women and men were posting for days about their expieriences with sexual assault or harassment.

And Wednesday, #IWishYouKnew was launched to start a conversation about domestic violence by the folks who run the shelter Home Free here in the Twin Cities.

The honest truth is, social media is becoming the space of choice for many of us to come out and share.

It's on our terms and with these hashtags we can do it with people we know will listen.

"It can be a huge platform, especially for people in marginalized communities who don't have access to things like TV talk shows, to really share their voices where there are not gatekeepers,” said Sarah Busch with Home Free.

This hashtag is not marketing for people to be unsafe.

Let’s be clear.

“We certainly are not asking anyone to put themselves in danger by revealing something on social media, we are really asking for people in community,we are here for you, we support you and most importantly we believe you,” Busch said.

It will remain there for people to just find a safe space to read and learn if that’s all they want to do right now.

You can find it on Twitter and Facebook as: #IWishYouKnew

For more information about Home Free, visit their website.