MINNEAPOLIS - There is a guy in Chicago who spent years hurting people as a Neo-Nazi until...he quit. He got out and devoted his life to getting others like him out too.

He founded a group called Life After Hate. Their mission? Reform Neo-Nazis, skinheads, folks like you saw in Charlottesville on Saturday. End the hate.

His group was so well respected, it was awarded $400,000 by the Department of Homeland Security. That was in January under then-President Obama's administration.

Several weeks ago, under the Trump administration, that grant was taken back. Now, Life After Hate is trying to raise money through private donations.

I planned to actually talk to the founder of Life After Hate, Christian Piccolini, about all of that today, but he was flooded with requests about losing his funding...so it didn't happen.

But the conversation he and I did have in March...is as important tonight as it was that night.

Actually, it's even more important.

And I want you to see it if you didn't then. If you did, maybe in a new way, after Charlottesville.

So, here is the story of how a Neo-Nazi became as much and then was able to become...even more.