MINNEAPOLIS -- It is said, "You mess with the bull; you get the horns." And apparently, you mess with the city; they pull your liquor license.

Surdyk's Liquor and Cheese Shop can't sell booze for a month starting July 2, after the Sunday sales stunt the store pulled last weekend.

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But what do others in the Twin Cities liquor store industry think about the move?

“I was so surprised because I came in yesterday, and through my mind I thought, 'Should I just go ahead and open up?'” said Vernon Crowe, owner of Selby Wine and Spirits in St. Paul. “I said, ‘No, I better not.’ Then I go home and see Jim on TV.”

Crowe said he—just like Surdyk—did not support Sunday liquor sales because of the fear that it would lead to further deregulation in the industry and more competition for them.

As far as actually opening up the doors on a Sunday before July, Crowe said, “I wouldn't do it. I don't think it's smart. I wouldn't want to jeopardize my license like that.”

Peter Herlofsky is the wine manager at Liquor Boy in St. Louis Park. He said he used to work at Surdyk’s.

“Vendors I've talked to today, and everybody's like, 'Did you see Jim? He did that crazy thing down at Surdyk's,'" said Herlofsky. “Yeah, crazy. But crazy like a fox. Everybody is talking about Surdyk’s.”

There are other store owners taking a more critical view of Surdyk’s marketing move.

“I don't know if I would call choosing the convenient route or switching your mind as innovative,” said Daniel Mays, co-owner of Stinson Wine, Beer, and Spirits. “I was not open on Sunday because I was respecting and paying attention to what the law was.”

Mays was pleased to see Surdyk starting to support Sunday liquor sales, but he was not happy about the way he did it.

“I've been pulled over for speeding before, but I did pull over when the lights were in my mirror," said Mays. "That says something about my character."