MINNEAPOLIS – Dozens of restaurants in the Twin Cities will collaborate in a one day event on April 7 to raise money for the food crisis in Somalia.

All 45 restaurants participating in the Dine Out for Somalia event will donate up to 50 percent of their proceeds to humanitarian organizations offering direct food relief to the country.

"People are dying," said Abdirahman Kahin, owner of Afro Deli and Grill. "There is unprecedented famine right now in Somalia."

Kahin, who came up with the idea for the collective restaurant fundraiser, hopes to raise $150,000. But he also hopes to fulfill a few other missions.

LINK: List of businesses participating in Dine Out for Somalia

"First collect as much money as we can. Two, this is also awareness to the mainstream to know what is going on in Africa, and the third mission is to introduce Somali restaurants in the Twin Cities to their neighbors, to the mainstream Minnesota," said Kahin.