ST. PAUL, Minn. - Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico Wednesday. With winds of 155 mph, the storm knocked out power to the 3.3 million people living in Puerto Rico.

In Minnesota, Puerto Ricans like Maria Isa are waiting to hear from family members. She said she last heard from her relatives around 10:30 a.m. CST. The storm that bears Isa’s first name started as a Category 4 storm but weakened to Category 2.

“All the Marias I know are strong women. We have to face this with strength,” she said. “My biggest fear is the catastrophe tomorrow. What we wake up to. How we are going to find funding in this $73 billion debt to help rebuild and get medical supplies and electricity”

The last Category 4 hurricane landfall in Puerto Rico occurred in 1932, and the strongest storm to ever hit the island was San Felipe in 1928 with winds of 160 mph.

Puerto Rico was dealing with an economic crisis before the hurricanes hit. Isa, who was in Puerto Rico two months ago for her wedding, has more questions than answers right now.

“I am wondering if my loved ones are okay and safe and when it is going to be safe for us to go down there and help and face reality for ourselves,” she said. “What about the people on dialysis."

We already had 150-plus hospitals and schools closed before this. So, where do we go?”

Meanwhile, the St. Paul Foundation is fundraising to assist victims of the recent hurricanes Irma and Maria that left the island devastated.

Isa said El Fondo Boricua is working closely with members and directors of Centro Cultural De Loiza and Taller Salud to help with supplies, food, medical and the aftermath clean up. The island of Puerto Rico was dealing with an economic crisis before the hurricanes hit and it's most important now to educate and help the people of the island during this catastrophe.

There is a benefit concert show organized featuring artists from Puerto Rico, NYC and the Twin Cities in St. Paul on Oct. 19th, 2017 at the Black Dog Cafe called EL ASOPAO where all proceeds of entry will be directed Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico according to a post on