MINNEAPOLIS - The list grabbed a lot of headlines in the Twin Cities: Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges called the second-worst mayor in the country by the "Observer."

Arick Wierson, who penned the article, says Hodges ranks so high because of her handling of the Jamar Clark shooting, not landing the MLS soccer stadium and bad city management.

"The Nicollet Mall is just an example of general mismanagement of public works," he said.

Wierson cites the early kerfluffle with the bidding and, in his opinion, the city's poor job of updating the public on the project. On Thursday, the city released an update on the project noting all 12 blocks are under construction. The city says the project is on time and on the budget. Residents can sign up for weekly construction updates here.

"At the end of the day, the thing that really made us focus on her was this pattern of focusing on wrong issues, grandstanding and focusing on nuts and bolts of running a city government," Wierson said.

Hodges' camp believes Wierson's publication, The Observer, has an agenda. The story came out the morning after she gave a very anti-Trump speech.

"Anyone that knows anything about journalism knows you don't do a massive research piece, edit and get it published in 12 hours, Wierson said.

Hodges countered with the question as to why wasn't it published sooner.

So the worst mayor according to the article? Chicago's Rahm Emanuel.