ST. PAUL, Minn. - The Twin Cities has been fortunate to have multiple newspapers for decades. Over time, it's been whittled down to two: The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

Some believe it could soon be cut to one.

While the Star Tribune is owned by local business mogul Glen Taylor, the Pioneer Press is owned by a New York hedge fund. Pioneer Press workers say since the change of ownership in 2012, the staff has been cut to a former shell of itself.

Now, they're fighting back, looking for a new owner and trying to let people know what would happen if they ceased to exist.

"We want to remind the public that news matters. That St. Paul and the East metro deserves its own, local, major daily newspaper and website for information about our community," said Dave Orrick, Pioneer Press reporter.

On Tuesday, staff members dressed in t-shirts labeled "#NewsMatters" and took to social media to vent their concerns.

"We are split, our metro, we are Twin Cities and we have two different newspapers and they cover different communities and serve different purposes," said Dave Orrick, St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter.

"Those of us who are still here are here because we really care and we believe in what we're doing. It's not about us and our salaries or anything like that. It's about our community and we don't want to see St. Paul lose its newspaper on our watch," Orrick added.