After news went around that Trump's budget would kill the Meals on Wheels program, Jana Shortal did a little investigating to separate fact from fiction.

The Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBGP) costs $3 billion nationally every year, and President Trump's proposed budget would cut it completely. It gives money to charities, including Meals on Wheels.

Trump's administration said of the CDBGP, "The program is not well-targeted to the poorest populations and has not demonstrated results."

Meals on Wheels provides hot meals to 2.4 million seniors every year. The recipients are people who can't afford the food or aren't able to make it at home.

Jana did a ride along with Meals on Wheels to see exactly what they're doing in the Twin Cities.

"Sometimes it's the only meal I get," said one recipient, a Vietnam veteran who uses a wheelchair. "I just don't do well back in the kitchen anymore. I love to cook but I have some limitations, and like I said this is the only people I see sometimes.

There are 5,999 more stories like his in the metro area Meals on Wheels program. But staff there says the twin cities program doesn't get much funding from the CDBGP, so they don't expect any long-term, major impact.

Some Meals on Wheels programs around the country do rely on the CDBGP for a higher percentage of their budget, and those programs could be in more trouble than the Twin Cities location.

Nationally, Meals on Wheels has had a 500 percent surge in volunteers and donations are doubling overnight, since the issue was brought to the public's attention at Thursday's press conference.