MINNEAPOLIS - When the story about Pulse is told...you are told that it is, it was...a nightclub.

And that's true.

But it was, also something more...something every gay club never says it is, but is, just the same.

A gay club is a sanctuary.

It is a physical place where danger won't come for you because you are gay.

It is a physical place where bullies won't seek you because you want to dance with somebody

It is a physical place where a pact was made with society as a whole - let us be safe, in here, let us have sanctuary.

It's home base. If you make it there, you should be okay.

History has disproven this at times, sure. But as gay people, it's still the best we had.

Gay clubs, gay spaces. Those were the safest...not 100 percent guaranteed no harm, but as immunized as we could be.

Orlando reminded us immunizations don't stop every variant of the disease called hate.

But hate cannot ever...silence...hope.

A sanctuary can be visited by evil...but it can never be taken...because the angels will come and take it back.

One night of terror cannot replace these spaces that literally have become our Pulse in this community.

And every night we walk into another one...just remember.

Our 49 LGBTQ friends were dancing unafraid. Because they were home.