MINNEAPOLIS - For years, the resurgence of vinyl has kept its pace - and that pace is record breaking.

Now, Sony announced it will start pressing vinyl records after nearly 30 years.

Bob Fuchs, Electric Fetus' general manager, says the news is music to the ears of folks in the industry.

“It is about time. We need it. The industry needs it. There is a lot of demand and not enough supply,” he said. “Since 2008, in the last 10 years, we have seen record sales that have been monitored in the industry have gone from under a million to about 16 million per year. It is still a fraction of what is being sold but the increase is about 1,600 percent in 10 years.”

Fuchs says without the vinyl resurgence he’s not certain Electric Fetus would still be in business. He hopes the opening of a Sony plant in Japan will help close lags in production.

Sony has not said what genre of music it will produce on vinyl.

“Often it takes not just weeks but months from the time a master is submitted until it makes it to market on an LP,” Fuchs said. “Lots of new releases get pushed back, many bands have to change their touring schedules around these production schedules ... It causes quite a lot of problems.”

This announcement comes at a time when the digital music era dominates listening habits.

Fuchs says it’s too early to tell the exact impact Sony producing vinyl records again will have on the industry.

“Of all people, they were one of the founders of digital movement, pushed the CD forward. Sony stopped making records in 1989,” he said. “The fact that they are willing to jump back in and realize this is relevant again, that is a huge deal. Could be a game changer.”