MINNEAPOLIS - Magic. That's how we describe what we see on the silver screen. Who we see on that screen we often dream to be. But for so many years too many people never saw anyone who looked like them. People with disabilities just never made the cut.

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Enter, Anthony Di Salvo. In 1979 he founded Sprout, in New York City. His simple plan was to take people with intellectual or developmental disabilities on trips, group vacations, as many of them until the 1970’s had only known life surrounded by the walls of an institution.

While it was successful, he had a new idea in the mid-1990’s.

“In 1996 I came up with the idea of a vacation called "Make a Movie. It was a five-day trip and the first ten to sign up would make up the cast, I would write a script and we would shoot a movie. It was a blast and it made me realize how many people with disabilities want to make movies. They want to be actors and perform and this gave them the opportunity to do that,” Di Salvo explained.

By 2003 his non-profit, Sprout, had launched a film festival; aptly named the Sprout Film Festival. For the first time in its 17 year history, spanning all over the country, it has landed right here in the Twin Cities.

It was brought here by the non-profit, The Arc, an organization that works with our community of people with disabilities. The film festival is FREE and open tomorrow to any who wish to come.

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