MINNEAPOLIS - After the Donald Trump "groping tape" went public Friday, the Star Tribune Editorial Board suggested Trump leave the race.

"A new level of disgust about where this campaign was or where Trump was," said editorial board member Scott Gillespie.

The editorial board convened and collectively decided to do something it has never done -- call for a presidential candidate's exit.

"I report directly to the publisher. I'm not involved in news coverage. I contacted him and let him know what we were planning and he was very supportive of that," Gillespie said.

The Star Tribune Editorial Board isn't alone.

Several big names in the GOP rescinded their Trump endorsements.

What do you say to the Trump supporters who you aren't being fair?

"Well we called her (Clinton) out on a number of things. We called her out on the emails and handling that. We've talked about the weaknesses she has as a candidate," Gillespie said. "There are issues we disagree with both candidates on, probably more with him (Trump) than her (Clinton), but this is about character."