MINNEAPOLIS - Kids don’t typically find their life’s work at ten years old. But then again, some kids, aren’t at all typical.

Grace Bohn describes herself as a fashion designer who will have her clothing line available in London, New York and Paris someday in the not so distant future.

But it might be a minute since she’s yet to even graduate from middle school.

Her mother, Nancy, said Grace became transfixed with designing clothes using fashion plates and pencils three years ago when she was gifted them by a relative. Nancy said in the time since her daughter has created thousands of designs. But it wasn’t until this past spring that others noticed.

In March, Nancy was driving to work when she heard a host on MyTalk 107.1 talk about a fashion show that would be put on by Arc’s Value Village to celebrate World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Nancy said she immediately started dialing up to figure out how to get Grace into that show.

Grace, has Down Syndrome…AND..is a fashionista.

It didn’t take long to get that taken care of and in the weeks following Grace’s runway debut, the team at Arc could get a hold of some of her designs and make five outfits just as Grace envisioned.