MINNEAPOLIS - When a family member or close friend dies, it’s not easy. There are times when you just wish you could still reach out to them. Sure, you may even talk out loud to them knowing, you'll hear nothing back.

But, what if you did? Can you imagine sending a deceased friend the message "I miss you" and receiving a reply?

Well, technology is helping one woman connect with her friend who is dead. It is all thanks to artificial intelligence.

Indeed, technology has changed the way we view, operate and in some cases, understand the world.

Rev. Karen Hutt is a Clinical Pastoral educator at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. She says technology helps people live on and it helps the living openly grieve.

“Social media has made a big impact because it is yet another tool," Hutt said. "It is another tool we have to grieve. It gives us a place to remember the person through photographs and quotes. It is also a place where a community can form and reform after people have passed away."

“Grief is an evolving thing. It doesn't just go away. It is never done. People learn how to cope and manage and find purpose.”

By contrast, she says the artificial intelligence is an usual way to deal with grief. She encourages people to talk about their feelings.

“The more communities that can get together and talk about death, the better we can talk about grief the better we will know about grief,” she said.