MINNEAPOLIS - No matter Republican, Democrat, or Independent, it appears we're all ready for the 2016 election to be over.

19 days left.

There's still time to find your happy place.

The American Psychological Association has released a set of coping tips to survive the choice between him and her.

"I think this one (election) is particularly divisive and I think, right now our country seems to be polarized politically. We're more fractured that I've experienced before," said Dr. Robin McLeod of the Minnesota Psychologists Association.

But can you really be stressed about an election?

"We know that there is a really strong connection between what you are feeling and what you are thinking so if you watch a debate, for example, you are going to be processing that cognitively – you will have thoughts about what that means for yourself, family friends and future and if those thoughts are negative or catastrophic, yeah, we can be stressed by that," McLeod said.

Here are the recommended tips to ease that election stress:

  1. Limit your media consumption.
  2. Have boundaries with every human you speak to and take the election talk of the conversation table.
  3. Don't stress, if you can manage, about what might happen.
  4. Vote.
  5. Turn off social media.

If all else fails, cuddle a puppy. Hey, it works for Rena.