MINNEAPOLIS - While Saturday Night Live hangs its hat on parody in politics during a White House run., some Minnesota educators are getting concerned.

The things said this year have gone beyond the pale. It's one thing for you and I to look at that critically and call a spade a spade, but for kids, they may not have that same set of skills just yet and they're watching.

"I think it's safe to say we have gone down a rabbit hole of absurdity that we have not seen in a long time," said Dr. Walter Roberts, Jr. with the University of Minnesota State-Mankato.

Dr. Roberts Jr. is a bully expert.

"We know that kids emulate, copy and mimic what they see adults doing," he said. "When adults give permission for kids to say rude things, or engage in rude behavior, kids are going to take that as permission to go to school and say same thing."

The most powerful job in the world, being fought for with flagrant fouls.

Kids spend a ton of time these days learning the painful truths about bullying and why it is always wrong. Then, they go home and attempt to dodge the mudslinging between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

"I think anytime we give children the impression that it's okay to engage in these kind of behaviors, we are all going to lose," Roberts, Jr. said. "So you need to talk to your kids about things being said, no matter which part or candidate is saying it. If it crosses that line of hate speech or bullying, it needs to be discussed."