MINNEAPOLIS - Here we go again, another round of high-profile restaurants has closed.

Haute Dish, Cafe Maude, Upton 43. Some may be surprising...others not so much.

What's causing this? Is the dining sky falling?

Well, no.

"We used to look at restaurants and think 30 years that's a success story. You know, the Broder family, Broders has been there for almost 40 years now I think, and that is awesome, huge success story but I think now it's an anomaly," said Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine's Stephanie March.

Nothing's wrong with our foodie town. It's not a bad thing...it's just a thing.

"The world is changing. With social media, everything is changing and the way that people perceived restaurants and are they Instagram worthy," March said. "I do think there's room for a lot of different things but I think the trend we're going to see a lot of the 'cheffy' restaurants -- it's going to be a smaller, more focused thing."

And what about $15 minimum wage?

"I think we're going to lose a lot of full-service restaurants," March said.

March says no reason to panic. Restauranteurs and chefs are a creative bunch and they'll figure out ways to keep feeding us.

"A social experiment. It is! A giant social experiment with burgers and wine," March added.