MINNEAPOLIS - Some believe millennials love wine just as much as their phones.

The love of wine overflows.

Sales are swirling and no one is coming back for more than millennials.

USA Today reported, in 2015 millennials drank more than 159 million cases of wine.

That is an average of two cases per person.

And marketers have noticed.

Friday, the app hailed as the Instagram of wine, Delectable, rolled out a subscription service for consumers of wine.

Free versions of the app currently help people learn about any wine and read reviews by taking a photo.

But now, for a fee of about $6, users can receive expert reviews from people who have traveled to vineyards all over the world.

The staff at North Loop Wine and Spirits is familiar with the app. And depending on what consumers are looking for, Jon Bliss, says the $6 could be worth the investment.

“Think of it maybe as an onion, there is a lot of stuff that is free that is right up there at the surface that is good,” Bliss said. “If you peel back the layers of the onion you are getting a little more.”

Bliss also says your wine can say a little about your personality.

For example, cabernet lovers are often strong and bold he said. Lovers of Pinot Noir, the most romantic wine, tend to display characteristics of grace and class.