GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.- This week, Bryan Piatt and Alicia Lewis review the romantic comedy "Table 19." This movie is about a scorned ex-maid of honor Eloise, played by Anna Kendrick, having been relieved of her duties after being dumped by the best man. She decides to attend the wedding anyway only to find herself seated with five random guests at the dreaded Table 19.

Alicia's Review: This movie's trailer was better and funnier than the movie. The movie has a star-studded cast of typically funny actresses and actors, but they did not play up to their funny potential. The story line seemed to keep changing and not for the better. I didn't laugh out loud once during the entire movie. I give the movie only 1 out of 5 popcorn kernels.

Bryan's Review: Going into this movie with not very high expectations except for the fact that "Table 19" has a great cast. The storyline turned less funny as the movie progressed but the characters had more deep and troubling issues of their own. Anna Kendrick fans, this is not going to be an award winner by any means. I give the movie 2 popcorn kernels out of 5.