MINNEAPOLIS - The city of Minneapolis is offering suggestions for keeping cool, as temperatures are expected to climb above 90 degrees this weekend.

The city keeps a list of air-conditioned public buildings in the city for people who need to escape the heat.

Hennepin County also has a mobile mapping app, where you can find cool options around the county, including shopping centers, movie theaters, and public buildings.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the first signs of a heat-related illness may involve muscle cramping, which could then develop into heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion including heavy sweating, weakness, cold and clammy skin, nausea and/or fainting. If a person is experiencing these symptoms, the CDC recommends moving to a cooler location, loosening clothing, applying wet cloths to the body, and sipping water. If the symptoms include vomiting, seek medical help.

Heat stroke symptoms are slightly different, and include a high body temperature, hot skin, rapid pulse, and possible unconsciousness. The CDC recommends calling 911 immediately for anyone experiencing heat stroke, as this is a medical emergency; reduce body temperature with cool cloths, but it's advised not to give fluids to someone experiencing heat stroke.

For more warning signs and symptoms of heat-related illness, visit the CDC's website.