GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Amazon Prime Day is the online retailer's big day of discounts for its Amazon Prime members. Amazon Prime promises free shipping, Prime Video and lots of other perks; but even if you're not a member, you can still save when signing up.

The easiest way to save is get the free trial; you get 30 days to check out all that Amazon Prime has to offer.

Students can score an even bigger deal with six months free, if you sign up with a college or university e-mail address.

There's also a discounted membership rate for certain people on government assistance programs, like EBT.

You could split the cost with a family member using something they call "Amazon Household," which lets you share the Prime benefits.

Normally, Prime membership costs $99 a year, but if you only want it for a shorter period, there is a $10.99 monthly subscription available too.

You can skip Amazon all together on Prime Day if you're willing to do some digging for discounts, since several other big name retailers-- like Minnesota-based Best Buy-- are also slashing online prices to compete.