ST. PAUL, Minn. - It seems every Pixar movie that's released is a hit at the box office; starting Friday at the Science Museum of Minnesota, you can see what it takes to make a Pixar movie.

It started with Toy Story 22 years ago. Ever since, the Pixar craze has taken off.

All summer, you'll find Pixar's famously fun characters from movies like "Monsters Inc." and "Inside Out" at the Science Museum of Minnesota's "Science Behind Pixar," an exhibit which shows why it takes about five years to go from concept to theater, to create one Pixar movie.

"Just seing how complex that is, I'll never look at a pixar movie the same again," said Kim Ramsden with the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Beyond pop culture, the exhibit space is meant to teach kids about science, technology, engineering and math, and get them excited about it.

'We also hope that we can spark concerstaions between parents and kdis about future careers," said Dr. Tony DeRose with Pixar Animation Studios.

DeRose says the exhibit reinforces perseverance, as the animation studio looks to foster the next generation of storytellers.

"Nothing comes out right the first time," DeRose said. "You have to do it over and over over again for it to really work well and I think too often kids are afraid to make mistakes afraid to fail and we make mistakes all the time that's how the products we put out the movies we make are so good."

Admission to the museum and Pixar exhibit is $9.95 for Science Museum members, or $28.95 for non-member adults ($22.95 for kids age 4-12 and seniors). The exhibit runs until Labor Day.

Learn more about the exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota website.