CLEVELAND - A bookbag is the type of item that lasts for years, and many students carry them every day. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, more than 79 million students carry backpacks in the United States.

Every day, several times a day, those backpacks get tossed on the floor, or filled with dirty items. So how many parents or students actually clean them?

WKYC-TV sent a backpack to Cetec Labs in Cleveland to see what bacteria was lurking on children's backpacks.

They found well over 300 units of staph -- in fact, there was more staph than the test could count. The testing also found 25 colonized units of e. coli as well. 
However, health officials say not stress out, however; these dangerous germs are everywhere.
"A lot of parents are just so anxious that they start lysoling their entire rooms and they are just bleaching everything. For the most part that's a lot of work and I don't necessarily think that you can get a lot of benefit from it because the next day more staph has fallen onto those objects you just wiped down," said Dr. Frank Esper with University Hospitals in Cleveland.