GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - October is Adopt a Dog Month and Sunday is National Cat Day, so this weekend is the perfect time to get the facts straight about adopting a pet.

Rachel Mairose, Executive Director of Secondhand Hounds, wants to correct some of the myths that sometimes circulate regarding dog adoption:

  • Many think that when you adopt a dog you can only get a mix breed or older dog. Secondhand Hounds has many purebred dogs and puppies, too.
  • Many think that shelter dogs have behavioral or health issues. While Secondhand Hounds rescues dogs from all walks of life, many times owners are unable to care for their pets and give their dogs up so they can live their best life.
  • Rescued dogs are unhealthy. This is not the case. While Secondhand Hounds provides care for dogs that have health issues, many dogs are healthy and happy. Those who have health issues are cared for by their veterinary team and are placed in loving and supportive homes.

Something else people may not know - Secondhand Hounds offers cat adoption, too.

Similar to their dog adoption program, Consignment Cats helps provides a safe foster home, proper veterinary care and daily necessities for cats at risk, while working hard to find each one a permanent, loving home.

If people are not currently looking to adopt, they can get involved with Secondhand Hounds by donating, fostering or volunteering. Check out their website to learn more.