GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn -- Do you feel like sugary juice boxes are the only option in the kids beverage aisle? Not anymore. Meet two determined moms who are ready to shake up the kids beverage industry. Dr. Lisa Amundson and Laurie Ambrose are two Minnesota moms who developed kidsWATER as an easy and fun way to help kids kick the juice box habit. After both moms had trouble finding drinks they felt good about packing in their kids’ lunch, they were inspired to create a drink box that bridged the gap between health and convenience.

Recent studies have linked sugary drinks (even 100% juice) to a long list of serious health concerns that may affect your child now and throughout their entire life. kidsWATER drink boxes are free of all sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, and dyes, making them a simple and delicious way to cut huge amounts of sugar from your child’s diet. In fact, a child who drinks a single juice box every day could cut almost 17 pounds of sugar from their diet after one year even if the only change made was to replace that single juice box with an unsweetened beverage.

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