GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Most people think of hummus and pita bread as an appetizer, but Benjamin Rients with Lyn 65 demonstrates that it can be a main dish, too.


4 cups AP flour
1 package dry active yeast
1 cup Lukewarm h20
1/4 cup whole milk
1 t. Sugar
1 T sea salt
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil


1. In a mixing bowl, combine olive oil, sugar, warm water, milk, and yeast packet. Stir briefly, and set aside for 10 minutes for yeast to activate.
2. In separate bowl, mix flour and salt.
3. Add liquid mixture to flour and salt, mix until a dough ball forms. Knead the dough for roughly 5 minutes, until fully incorporated. The dough should be slightly tacky to the touch.
4. Cover dough, and let rest in a warm place until doubled. Portion dough into 4 oz. balls, and place in the refrigerator until ready to use.
5. To serve, preheat oven and pizza stone to 500 (these can also be grilled).
6. Roll individual pitas out until 1/4 inch thick. Fire dough on pizza stone or grill grate. The dough should balloon while it bakes.
7. Remove dough once slightly colored (about 2 minutes total cook time). Serve warm with hummus or your choice of accoutrement.

Lyn 65 is a chef-driven, independently owned restaurant on Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis.