Rod Taylor sometimes needs a place to get away.

"After 38 years of marriage my wife has learned to humor me," he says.

He's created for himself a space that he likes to call the "man cave."

The Twin Cities man has filled the getaway with mementos: stones from a fishing expedition in Canada, a reproduction of an Old Town Canoe, an old outboard engine.

"This really is a memory cave as much as it is a man cave, because every single piece tells a story," he says.

He does share his cave with his buddies occasionally.

"My guy friends I think are pretty awestruck by the whole thing," he said.

Taylor's friend and neighbor, Tony Hessburg, has been a guest in the man cave.

"The man cave is fantastic," he said. "I mean, just seeing the ambience, kind of that northwoods feeling you have sitting here is just incredibly relaxing."

And it's not just guests who find solace in the cave.

"To me, this space represents total relaxation," Taylor says. "And I know it sounds odd that I can just sit here and look at things and be totally relaxed, but you know, that's a reality."