It's a seller's market in the Twin Cities, and that can mean a lot of pressure for those looking to buy a home.

Local real estate professional Mark Abdel with RE/MAX Advantage Plus has some tips for buyers who don't want to miss out on the right house.

Mark's tips include:

1. Make it a priority -- Make the time to follow up on leads and do a walk-through at any time, and have your paperwork ready ahead of time.

2. Broaden your horizons -- If you're not finding what you want, expand your search. You may even want to look at renovation homes.

3. Get rid of contingencies -- Sellers are expecting quick sales in this market, and they want less hassle. If you come in with a lot of contingencies, they may go with a different buyer.

4. Differentiate yourself -- It's not uncommon for multiple offers to be made on the same property. Mark says he's even had clients write personal letters to the seller to plead their case.

More information can be found on Mark's website.