GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - October is Bully Prevention Month.

With the goal of raising awareness and providing support to those who are affected, Dr. Deb Lindh, president of Mindful Effect, joined us on KARE 11 News at 4 to talk about how to recognize the signs of bullying and then what to do to address the abuse.

Lindh says bullying and bully behavior is seen and experienced by individuals, both children and adults, within family units, schools, workplaces, and our communities. The experiences have long-lasting effects and can lead to health conditions, physical and emotional, as well as suicide.

"A value of recognizing Bully Prevention Month is that it gets the dialogue and communication going," explained Lindh.

Whether at an elementary school, on the playground, in the home or at work, people are talking and becoming aware of the effect of bullying and bully behavior.

"Don’t get me wrong, there is a resistance and mindset such as 'boys will be boys,' however, this mindset is slowly becoming aware that just because it was done in the past, doesn’t mean it was right," she said.