GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Decorating for the holidays is an exciting and significant endeavor. One way to make it easier is to decorate with spruce tops, small evergreens that are versatile enough to create an extravagant display in both fall and winter.

Adam Bachman from Bachmans suggests that by pairing them with the right accents spruce tops can dress up your outdoor containers for the remainder of the year with just a few adjustments.


In autumn, spruce tops are nicely complemented by fresh accents like white pine and cedar. Berried juniper brings a soft blue hue, and birch poles or branches provide extra height. Add fun finishing touches by inserting decorative picks with colorful pumpkins, leaves, and pine cones. Pro Tip: To make assembly even simpler, start early in the season when the soil is still warm and the spruce top tips go in easily.


To take your spruce top planters from fall to winter, simply remove your fall decorations and think holiday! Add colorful ornaments, battery-operated twinkle lights, and a beautiful ribbon for a truly dazzling display. Many of your fresh accents from fall already tie well into holiday décor, but if you'd like to add something new in December, oregonia is great for softening the look of your planter.