MINNEAPOLIS - The largest hotel in the five-state area, the downtown Hilton Minneapolis, has just completed a $27 million transformation.

It’s virtually unrecognizable from its original look 25 years ago, when it first opened in the fall of 1992. Along with that transformation, Hilton Minneapolis has introduced a new restaurant and lounge, called Ten 01 Social – named for its street location and the design, which embraces interaction and engagement.

The menu, developed by Wisconsin native and Chef de Cuisine Michael Beck, is Northwoods fine dining meets Minnesota melting pot. It’s a unique blend of classic and creative dishes showcasing indigenous ingredients that proudly introduces out-of-town visitors as well as locals to some of the food culture that makes Minnesota and the Midwest special.

Chef Beck joined KARE 11 in-studio to share a bit more about the menu and show us how to make one of his favorite dishes from the new fall menu, Wild Rice Quinoa Cakes with a Sweet Potato Puree.

Wild Rice Quinoa Cake

Quinoa, Cooked 6 cups
Wild Rice, Cooked 4 cups
Kale, 8 cups
Whole grain mustard 1 cup
12 Pepper Spice 1 Tbsp
Wine Country Spice* 2 Tbsp
Salt and Pepper To Taste
Eggs, Whole 6 ea

1. Remove the kale from the stems and lightly grill then chop
2. Add the rest of the ingredients together besides the eggs
3. Taste for salt before adding the eggs
4. Mix the eggs in and really incorporate them into the mix
5. Using the larger ring molds number 8 place on parchment and spray the rings
6. Firmly fill the rings ¾ of the way full but make sure they are firmly pressed down
7. Bake at 325 for 10-15 min till set and firm
8. Cool and remove from rings
9. Store and label

*Can substitute McCormick’s Montreal Chicken spice blend.

Sweet Potato Puree


Sweet Potato, Whole 5 lbs
Onion, Yellow Julienned 3 ea
Maple Syrup ½ Cup
Salt To Taste

1. Place the sweet potatoes on a sheet tray and place in the oven to roast in a 350 degree oven for about an hour or until soft
2. In a large pot add the onions and slowly cook them till soft
3. Once the sweet potatoes are done cooking, peel them and add them to the onions and cover with water
4. Continue cooking till everything is very soft and falling apart
5. With a hand blender, blend till smooth, adding the maple syrup and season with salt
6. Store and label