GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Heidi Heiland of Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens shares tips on what, when, why and how to mulch! You can purchase all of these products and more at GrowHaus


WHEN TO MULCH - Mulching should not be performed until June when the ground warms up. If you apply mulch in early spring, you are simply trapping the cold temperatures into the ground. It is also advised to weed the area before applying mulch, do not simply sweep your weeds under the rug of mulch! 

HOW TO MULCH - Typically 2-4 inches of mulch is applied depending on what is being mulched & the type of mulch used. Be careful not to bury perennials too deeply & do not create mulch “volcanoes” around your trees (the latter could encourage stem girdling roots which can spell demise for the tree). Landscape Calculator. Basically, 1 yard of mulch, applied 3” thick covers 100 sq ft.

BENEFITS OF MULCHING - Include suppression of weeds, retention of moisture. An added benefit for one year mulches is that as they break down they improve soil structure. Be sure to leave some areas of soil that are not mulched for our native bees!

GREEN MULCH - To be truly ecologically friendly, consider selecting mulch that is a bi-product, newspaper, leaves, straw, etc. How about a cover crop like clover?

One year Mulches
Cocoa Bean/Mini Pine Bark Nuggets
Compost/Leaf Mold/Straw
Wild Rice Hulls

Two – Three Year Mulches
Shredded/Chipped Bark
Pine Needle

Lifetime Mulches
Mulch to Avoid
cypress – manufacturers are defoliating forests to obtain this natural resource.