GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Heidi Heiland, owner of Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens and their new GrowHaus Nursery and Garden Centre is in the garden in April sharing with us fun and easy ways to make a healthy impact.

Heidi encourages us to consider our landscape and gardens as potentially our forefathers used to. What is old is new again! Being mindful of planet earth in healthy ways is critically important.

Here are some tips on how to begin the spring gardening season in a healthy way.

In the Garden:

• Prune certain shrubs, reuse stems in containers
• Leave leaf litter to break down into the soil, or begin a compost pile
• Leave stems of perennials 18-24” inches high for dormant beneficial insects
• Install insect hotels
• Top dress with 2” compost to increase fertility, biology vs. chemistry
• Seed radishes and spinach
• Begin your deer control
• Don’t till the soil if it is too wet

In Containers:

• Remove winter boughs and pine needles
• Add new nutrient rich potting soil
• Install cool loving plants – some can be repurposed into summer season
 Shrubs, perennials
 Annuals – pansies, alyssum, lobelia, nemesia, ivy, bulb gardens
 Sticks and stems from your garden