GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Is your kitchen ready to host holiday events? Organizing expert, Louise Kurzeka from Everything's Together joined us today in the KARE11 kitchen to give us some timely tips. If you would like your holiday entertaining to run smooth as silk, Louise suggests you prepare your kitchen with these easy steps.

Clean out the fridge and rearrange shelves so they will accommodate large bowls and trays of party food.

Utilize a below counter cabinet as a staging space for used glasses and dinnerware until there is time to fill the dishwasher. Relocate what usually is stored in that space temporarily elsewhere and line with lipped trays or dish bins.

Put all non-perishable party supplies into a covered tub labeled the Party Panty so you will only have one place to look when getting ready for the event.

Use tray tables with removable trays on top to act as staging surfaces for food and drink dishes.
Keep a stack of nested food containers next to the stove top for packaging leftovers to store or for guests to take home.

For more tips on getting organized contact Louise Kurzeka of Everything’s Together.