GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – There’s no better time than summer to pick up nice, cold brew.

Brad Glynn with Lift Bridge Brewery stopped by the KARE 11 at 4 to talk about the different brews out there to try.


Regardless of your stance on hoppy beers, there’s just something about warm weather that makes IPAs more palatable than usual. Try Lift Bridge’s Hop Dish for a fresh IPA with aromas of citrus, fruit, pine and a subtle malt sweetness, or their newly formulated Crosscut IPA for a refreshing beer that is easy to drink at any time of day.

Fruit Beers

Adding fruit flavors to a beer can bring a little summer in your glass. Try Lift Bridge’s Mango Blonde, a limited release light-bodied blonde ale with a subtle mango sweetness and golden malt.


Saisons are generally carbonated, fruity, spicy beer. Try Lift Bridge’s Farm Girl for a moderately sweet, medium-bodied Belgian-style Ale that is smooth and well-rounded, perfect for sipping on a summer night.

Root Beer

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic alternative, don’t forget about Root Beer! Lift Bridge recently released their Root Beer in cans. Drink it straight or mix with a little vanilla ice cream for the perfect summer treat!